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Harnessing the power of informal employee networks

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Where do we gather on Big Society – besides London and Twitter?

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In between I had a couple of productive BS-related meetings … all in London, of course, where the public events were as useful for informal networking as the main content – good though that was. Tags: All posts Big Society membership ncvo rsa In London. It can be frustrating. Or have I missed something? What can we do?

ScienceDirect - The Journal of Strategic Information Systems : “It is what one does”: why people participate and help others in electronic communities of practice

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While online commercial enterprises have done little more than advertise their wares or provide information about their services, they rarely encourage customer-to-company and customer-and-customer communication. Participants are encouraged to interact to make informed purchase decisions.• Howard. 1997). Schuller, H. Method 4.1.


The ‘Sisterhood’ Goes Missing at Board Level

Governance in a Networked World

Women’s networks proliferate in the informal workplace and increasingly online. Networks are forming with this as their specific objective.

Dennis McDonald - Managing Technology - The Use of Codevelopment and Networking to Improve Professional Association Membership Services

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This is Caravelis first paragraph (thanks to The Association Renewal Blog for bringing this article to my attention) : Many association leaders worry that today’s professionals lack interest in joining organizations, and they point to the declines in some association membership levels as evidence. My "" Dennis D.

The Number One Fear of Enterprise Social? Mutiny! - Forbes

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Unlike online forums there is no way to post anonymously as every user is confirmed with their company email address. Advertising Information.

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Using digital technology and asset mapping to tackle social isolation – without special funding

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As well as the map we produced a table showing the assets each organisation held – premises, skills, equipment, membership, funding.

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Join Our Society for the Big Society anniversary reality check event

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Paul was the chief executive of the network, which was to be a mass-membership organisation. We’ll examine how some of the key criticisms of big society should be addressed, and there’ll be the opportunity for those who come along to share their own views and experiences. More launch information on the Big Society Network.

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Gmail Motion - The Biggest Email Innovation Since RFC822

Michael Sampson - Currents

If you are thinking about taking out a gym membership, stop now. 3. would like to see Google do more to address this. My Comments. 1.

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Building Great Enterprise 2.0 Communities

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We keep thousands of people informed each week via concise updates. Privacy respected — we will never share your information. allows information to flow more smoothly and allows for more dynamic and spontaneous communication. Senior UX - Information Architect in Boston at Bridgeline Digital. Stay Informed.

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No, You Can't Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much - Forbes

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There’s training, classes to attend, reading (I have to buy books), gaining certifications, costs of memberships so I can network, attending conferences and mastering my skills that all cost me money. If you’re like (how I used to be) you’ve given away tons of valuable information. Business. Autos. Energy. Retail.

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Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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boyd School of Information University of California-Berkeley Nicole B. To join, a user had to have a email address. 2007).

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Five Realities of Enterprise Collaboration & Technology - Managing Technology - Dennis D. McDonald's Web Site

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Other types of collaboration might be more ephemeral, serendipitous, informal, or less well defined. INTERVIEWS. PRESENTATIONS. SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Sorry but I'm not a member of your community - Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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Most of time, communities are used to address individual issues, leverage a membership feeling that does not exist and, at the end, have a result that’s the opposite of what was expected and cause misunderstandings between brands and their audience… that’s seldom a community. information. My trending tweets.

Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management

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Jay Pinkert A very thorough and well-reasoned post, particularly in describing how different community/conversation models should be informed/shaped by the type of product/service/issue they address. The Community Roundtable A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners. Social media is just that, a tool kit.

The Social Organization: Social Media is not Community

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And to your point -- social media does not necessarily give a sense of membership to the members (i.e. Posted at 09:45 AM in Deep Thoughts.

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Sorry, but I'm not a member

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Antoine Riboud. Is it always relevant ? In many cases the structure of the audience is very complex and can’t be reduced to a community approach.

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A lost opportunity

Viv Mcwaters

Apologies, this is a bit ranty… An information sheet for a local community group arrived in my letterbox today. Oh well.

Community vs. Social Network - Lithosphere Community

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The FB group very quickly got into six figures but the number of people who had visited the BBCs official consultation site to make comments was stuck at about 5% of the FB group membership. Yelp allows me to "follow" people I dont know but also to invite/connect with my friends from my address books. applications. Answer ).

Leadership Maxims, Avoiding a CoP Mid-Life Crisis, Library Clips, Knowledge and Learning Toolkit, Ten Commandments for Business Failure

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Critical mass of engaged members - CoPs thrive on the work of a committed, stable, active core group of members who view membership as a key part of their job and/or their career; core members in some communities are expected to spend 10 percent of their time on community activities. Maxim #1: PICKLES. Maxim #2: Three Rights. Passionate. 2.

The Primal Forces that Drive Social Networks | Digital Tonto

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People are connecting, businesses are being created or transformed, and the world seems like a smaller place.  As with any transformation on a grand scale, a plethora of consultants, gurus, blogs, and how-to books have risen to meet the demand for information about the social revolution. There is so much information and so little context.

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Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum


The scene paints a world where access to knowledge is privileged, access to mentors and inside information key, and getting in on the inside of the next big thing a one-time stroke of luck on which an entire successful—and linear—future could be built. They are sharing information, working together to learn new things or sharing experiences.

Communities Manifesto

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Community members deepen their understanding of the subject by interacting on an ongoing basis, asking and answering questions, sharing information, reusing good ideas, solving problems for one another, and developing new and better ways of doing things. Communities need a critical mass of members; take steps to build membership.

The Four Tenets of the Community Manager

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Jeremiah Owyang wrote an informative post about The Four Tenets of the Community manager. Staff are customers too. Great post Jeremiah.

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Building networks, Selling KM, Meetings as KM behaviors, IBM in a KM shift, Super Crunchers

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The first thing to do is to decide what topic you wish to address in a community. If so, ask if you can take over the leadership, or harvest the membership list to start the new one. Use existing networks to inform possible members about your community. Here are some that you can use to create, build, and sustain communities.

The conceptual framework for community development

Community Capers

Since the research was focussed on the management role in community development the key informants for this research became the community conveners. Attributes - ways the issue was realised or addressed. The three levels of the conceptual framework are components , conditions and attributes. For example: Component: People.

"Collaboration and Community" by Scott London

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If the right people are brought together in constructive ways and with the appropriate information they can not only create authentic visions and strategies for addressing their joint problems but also, in many cases, overcome their limited perspectives of what is possible. How does it differ from other models of cooperation? Julie A.

Life With Alacrity: The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes

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While thirteen is a traditional "target" the groups Ive circled with have ranged in membership from three to thirty. via Seb’s weblog.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Informative provides interactive market solutions that engage customers and identify their top priorities.&# Momo “Got a brand? approach

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Ten critical foundations for successful collaborative networks

The Bumble Bee

Here are the main areas that Ground Rules must address: 1. How will the information be shared? 5. Both Informally and Formally. 7.

Life With Alacrity: Dunbar Triage: Too Many Connections

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Thats why they have the people to keep them informed about people they are going to meet. Life With Alacrity Alacrity, noun. We need t. We need.

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Online Community Building Strategy: Good Advice From Nancy White

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In part 2, next week, she will address technology choice and the idiosyncrasies of groups vs networks interactions. Small things.

On Stewardship : Scott London

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We need common mission, a common membership contract, but not a process to induce common values.” The Power of Informal Networks.

Connected Libraries: project summary and recommendations


School libraries are particularly valued as quiet, calm spaces, encouraging and supporting informal learning and learner-directed research.

Communities Manifesto

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Community members deepen their understanding of the subject by interacting on an ongoing basis, asking and answering questions, sharing information, reusing good ideas, solving problems for one another, and developing new and better ways of doing things. Communities need a critical mass of members; take steps to build membership.

The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool - The BrainYard - InformationWeek

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Login | Register | Membership Benefits. The second leg is adapting management techniques to this new information environment. First Name*: Last Name*: Email Address*: Job Title: Company/Organization/Govt Dept.: COMMENTARY. WHITEPAPERS. SLIDESHOWS. VIDEOS. EVENTS. ABOUT. BRAINYARD COMMENTARY. ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Rachel Happe.

Understanding the Real Structure within Your Organization with NetAge OrgScope

Portals and KM

The LDAP data is potentially broader, Jeff says, as it includes contractors who have access to companies' information systems. Navigate.


Community of practice - EduTech Wiki

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Some sections may be missing, some information may be wrong, spelling and grammar may have to be improved etc. They have a social organization that includes formal or informal hierarchies, some idea of social service (members helping each other), and a willingness learn from each other and to share that knowledge. Use your judgment!

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Why bother with online social networks - Knowledge Jolt with Jack

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There is little flow of information. As of December 2007 Jack will likely start writing about product management too. Is there value in this?

Creating Passionate Users: How to Build a User Community, Part 1

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Without knowledge - this data can be hard to sift for "information". Name: Email Address: URL: Remember personal info? Deal with it.

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