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Art I have enjoyed in 2014

Jenny Connected

January. In January I started exploring rhizomatic learning for research purposes. Ingham) transparencies. call it ‘Boy Pool Rhizome’. February. April.

2014 65

2014, The Year That Was


Seriously, 2014 has been one of those years that will be rather tough to forget and for a good number of reasons! Again. just don’t know.

2014 54

3 Day Social Media Intensive – Hands on! Sydney 2014

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Not sure if/when I’m running them next year due to available dates but here’s the details for this December course: Social Media 3 Day Intensive Course (hands on) in Sydney December 2014. Shares Hiya, I’m running my last 3 Day social media intensive for this year, in December. See Day by Day Schedule below to learn more.

2014 79

New Orleans 2014: Our Year in Review

Portals and KM

NOLA 2014 Jazz Fest Highlights: Complete Listing of Posts. Ten NOLA Music Performances in 2014 - Part One. Armstrong Park , Lafayette Sq.,

2014 36

Summer Dining in New Orleans 2014

Portals and KM

We went to see some music on the West Bank (see 2014 Wednesdays on Algiers Point ) and took the opportunity to try some of their offerings.

2014 36

The Rise of Trollmarketing and Trashtweeting on Business Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Using trolling as a marketing campaign on social media. Advertising used to be so polite. Well except when it wasn’t. And unusual. Or a Coke.

2014 141

Painting of Aaron Neville at Jazz Fest 2014

Portals and KM

To celebrate, here is a 10" square painting of Aaron Neville as he closed the Blues Tent at Jazz Fest 2014.  

2014 34

16 Tips for Using #hashtags HINT: You’re doing it wrong :P #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Try adding a hashtag or two that you know people use and monitor and see how it resonates. Notice the bubble on its own, top left corner? Follow List.

2014 134

Painting in Pirate’s Alley #1 - Spring 2014

Portals and KM

This spring I began painting in Pirate’s Alley and offering my paintings for sale.  William Faulkner  came to the alley in 1925.  

2014 32

Jane Hart’s Top Ten Tools for 2014

Jenny Connected

Jane Hart has once again asked for people to vote on the top ten tools that they use when working online. She has been doing this annually since 2007. This is a helpful prompt for reflection on whether my use of technology has changed over the past year and if so why, and if not why. I am not very adventurous in adopting new tools. love it. Sharing.

2014 37

Working Out Loud with Google Plus – Part Deux


Felix Escribano (@felmundo) March 9, 2014. chagww. — Jon Husband (@jonhusband) March 31, 2014.  . owork ). What do you think? By far. 

2014 118

Characteristics of open learning environments

Jenny Connected

Learning Tag 2014 #elt14 emergent learning footprints of emergence open learning environments This is Matthias’ map. Matthias wrote in his blog.

2014 51

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 – Some Highlights

Michael Sampson - Currents

The week of the Microsoft SharePoint Conference for 2014 has arrived, and as is usual for such events, today’s opening sessions featured a bevy of new announcements about the roadmap for SharePoint, Office 365, and more. The SharePoint Conference 2014 runs through to March 6, and has an attendee list of about 10,000.

2014 41

Evaluation of Open Learning Scenarios

Jenny Connected

Learning Tag 2014 #elt14 #emergentlearning e-learning evaluation footprints of emergence open learning environments tacit knowledge

2014 49

3 Ways Google Search is impacted by #SocialMedia & #GooglePlus

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Should your business bother with social media, Google Plus and SEO/SMO? Does Google Plus make a difference to Google Search? Have a look at this image.

2014 123

More graphic facilitation coming your way Sept 29-30th, 2014

Michelle Laurie

We had a fabulous time hosting 22 people for our 5th annual graphic facilitation workshop in Rossland this July. link]. Check it out:. ” .

2014 47

Quiz: Social Media and Voice

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

— Garth Newton (@Garth_P_Newton) September 3, 2014. And if engagement sucks, social media pays it no never mind. Competitions etc.

2014 87

Reflections on the FH Joanneum (Graz) E Learning Conference, 2014

Jenny Connected

Learning Tag 2014 #elt14 emergent learning footprints of emergence open learning By help us, I mean do it! We don’t have the expertise.

2014 19

Painting in Pirate's Alley: 2014 Fall Season

Portals and KM

Here are my two previous posts: Painting in Pirate’s Alley #1 - Spring 2014. Painting in Pirate’s Alley #2 - Summer 2014 Louis Cathedral.

2014 23

News Roundup – Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014

Michael Sampson - Currents

I know the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas was over a month ago, but here’s the news I saw coming out from the show (or a bit after). ” K2 for SharePoint was released at the end of March 2014. In its embedded form within SharePoint and Qumu’s Video Control Center 7.0, and Content Matrix 7.0,

2014 37

Brands trolling the trolls in #Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

In my 8 ways to deal with trolls and negative criticism , (1000+ retweets!) Click the images for the original site. Brand Troll – Posters.

2014 109

NOLA 2014 Jazz Fest Highlights: April 25

Portals and KM

This is my second New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and once again I will be at all days. plan to post my highlights for each day.   

2014 27

RSS Extensions for Browsers & Social Media Dashboards

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

RSS Extensions to Omnibox/URL box for Browsers (for my students). This is what you want in your browser right? Safari. RSS Menu download:   [link].

RSS 107

Evaluating open learning scenarios – keynote presentation

Jenny Connected

Here are the slides and notes for the keynote presentation that Roy Williams and I gave at the E Learning Conference, FH Joanneum, in Graz, Austria, on Wednesday 17 September 2014. 2014).  September 2014 Tagged: #elt14 , emergent learning , MOOC , open learning , open learning environments. brief introduction to who we are.

2014 42

Civic Crowdfunding vs Tax – Collaborative Government #Gov2

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Let’s have a look at. some basic democratic activities and then. Slactivism & social distribution. Petitions online. Crowdfunding. Petitions.

2014 100

Future directions for the Footprints of Emergence framework

Jenny Connected

2014) ELI 2014, learner experiences, MOOC research, and the MOOC phenomenon – Retrieved from: [link]. 2014). References.

2014 37

Links of the Month: October 23, 2014

How to Save the World

image from Fortune Magazine article “Fission Frenzy” April 2014. ” divide. But I may be guilty of wishful thinking. This life.

2014 22

Why I, Too, Killed My LinkedIn Account


For a good number of reasons, but, essentially, to me, for perhaps the main one: it’s 2014 and it’s now perhaps a good time to put your actions behind your words. You know, you had to have a profile out there all over the place. Silly Silly me. guess that’s what reaching a level of maturity is all about. After all, it’s  their choice. .

The Rhizome as a Metaphor for Learning in a MOOC

Jenny Connected

on Friday June 27 th  . Source of image: Sylvano Bussoti. Five Pieces for Piano for David Tudor:   [link]. Deleuze, G. & Guaattari, F. 1987).

2014 95

ModPo – Learn how to undo the way in which we read

Jenny Connected

Al Filreis’ Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (ModPo) open course/Coursera MOOC has started again today. That data belongs to Coursera.

2014 90

Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014

Michael Sampson - Currents

Published November 2014. Download Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014 (November 2014) (PDF, 28 pages, 3.8 MB). couple of months ago I kicked off a global survey on the use and adoption of IBM Connections. The survey garnered 58 valid responses, and the results are finally available. Table of Contents.

2014 91

Stopping Event Spam with Google Plus Hangouts

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Tell ‘em to read this to fix it. The first thing is to go to MY CALENDARS in Google Calendar. Google does two things.

Top teams understand the 4 different types of Teamwork in Nature

The Bumble Bee

What do we mean by "Teamwork"? call these Solowork, Crowdwork, Groupwork and Teamwork itself. What is ''Teamwork''? Individual Task. 2. Group Task. 3.

2014 86

7 Tips for #SocialMedia guidelines and Government

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Wendy Carlisle (@Wendycarlisle) April 8, 2014. And even today creating social media guidelines for staff are a challenge. Not such a good idea.

2014 85

Painting of Piano Layer: Jazz Fest 2014

Portals and KM

Here is a 9 x 12" square painting of a piano player at the Jazz Tent at  Jazz Fest 2014.  

2014 18

NOLA 2014 Jazz Fest Highlights: April 26

Portals and KM

This is my second New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and once again I will be at all days. plan to post my highlights for each day.

2014 21

A few thoughts about what it’s like to be a free agent gleaned from John Hagel’s talk

Viv Mcwaters

John is the current darling of the social entrepreneur set. With good reason. He speaks to the dilemmas that free agents and changemakers face. Let Go.

2014 89

Collaborating Across Borders: Five Keys to Creating Powerful Partnerships

Partnering Resources

Collaborating across borders. If this dog and cat can do it, so can we. Image by Hannah W on flickr. This situation is not unusual. But where to start?

2014 86

Where ‘YES!’ leads

Viv Mcwaters

Early mornings are not my best time. People I used to work with joked that no-one should talk to me before 10 am. Bit rough, I reckon. Book here.

2014 75

Freire, MOOCs and Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Jenny Connected

UCLAN is within easy daily travelling distance of my home which would make the cost of attending the conference as an independent consultant more feasible – although I will not decide until I have seen a programme of the papers to be presented. Paulo Freire published his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed in 1970. I was living in Brazil in the 70s.

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