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Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

Jenny Connected

In revisiting these videos, I have been struck by how much they both have to say about emergent learning, but in different terms.

Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

Jenny Connected

In revisiting these videos, I have been struck by how much they both have to say about emergent learning, but in different terms.

Twitter is Not a Social Network

Alchemy of Change

Just because a service connects people doesn’t automatically mean we should call it a “social network.&# There, I said it. Windows?

Emergent learning in open environments

Jenny Connected

In my last post I wrote that I would come back to further discussion of what we mean by emergent learning. Footprints of Emergence – so what?

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Guidelines for Group Collaboration and Emergence « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect? An emergent, adaptive group does not exude these characteristics. 2.

Twitter's Golden Egg

Alchemy of Change

Facebook is building a general utility for social networking; it’s not focused on serving the serious information networkers.

Are You Tapping “Third-Order” Engagement?

Alchemy of Change

New engagement technologies such as social networks and relationship management databases (CRM) help employees dramatically increase the number of relationships they can manage while simultaneously improving the quality and impact of those relationships. Third-order engagement is the cutting edge of business strategy. No question.

Core Principles for the New Economy: Human Agency & Enlightened Self-Interest « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

emergent by design. believe in a social and economic future that is convivial, vibrant, thriving, and life-enhancing for all. We want to establish some stability in the dynamic world, we are build for social interaction and relations with all senses. December 2010. November 2010. October 2010. August 2010.

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Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Community Roundtable A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners. This example is managed by someone who aggregates UGC, publishes content, and responds to people talking about Sharpie – either on the site itself or on a public social network. Social media is just that, a tool kit. People talk.

Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

The New Fourth Estate is Social Media. Or will Practioner-Writer- Experts emerge as a whole new industry? Social Ads can be that direct.

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work – A World Without Meetings?


We have just been moving away from that physical water cooler to a virtual one: The Social Web. No doubt it won’t leave you indifferent!

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Blog>> Trends in Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

People are inherently curious for more based on their interest: a) Social media allows us to discover new content which is shared by our peers, friends, etc. b) Social computing empowers people to access information that is related to their interests and scope of work. Semantics. Enterprise 2.0. Corporate counterpart to Web 2.0.

F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

emergent by design. Layer 2 – THE “SYSTEM’ (social system/structure informing ‘reality’). December 2010. November 2010.

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Social Media Strategy & Monitoring Research

Online Community Report

The Social Media Strategy and Monitoring Survey was initiated in May of 2010. Social Media Business Goals. Social media sites.

The Community Roundtable's Community Maturity Model

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Community Roundtable A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners. Thanks! Thanks for stopping by! it looks great!

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What Could the Future of Money Look Like? « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Network

Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect? The core of all social structures is trust. So what is it?

How social networks work: the puzzle of exhaust data :: Grant McCracken

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Possibly Related Posts: Status casting and persistent friends Dopplr takes a lead in social networks Whats the new Dunbar number? Social Media.

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Think ‘Network Structure’ not ‘Networking’ « Connect « Innovation Leadership Network

John Tropea - Delicious Network

This entry was posted on 13 February 2010, 2:18 pm and is filed under connect , innovation strategy , networks. Here’s an example.

Doctor Love | Fast Company

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

); RSS Login or Signup ); Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love By: Adam L. And that should be a wake-up call for every company.

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Community vs. Social Network - Lithosphere Community

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Lithosphere Community Sign In Forums Up 24 Comments Community vs. Social Network MikeW (Lithium Guru) Jun 6 Labels: Cyber Anthropology Social Media Michael Wu, Ph.D. is Lithiums Principal Scientist of Analytics, digging into the complex dynamics of social interaction and online communities. The question is “what is social media?”

Essential Skills for 21st Century Survival: Part 3: Network Weaving « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Skip to content emergent by design Home support who’s the architect? Reply Venessa Miemis permalink * May 3, 2010 11:50 pm i agree.

Social Marketing Compensation Research

Online Community Report

Forum One released a report based on the study this week. We received approximately 224 responses. Culligan, and Open Text. Salaries by Age.

In Frankfurt Enterprise 2.0 = Organizational Change & People Challenges

21st Century Organization

Bayer-   Ellen Trude - Training Consultant, Social Media & Special Projects, Bayer AG. W00t!". captured the abundant spirit of Enterpise 2.0

Internet Evolution - Executive Clan Editor's Blog - Social Net-Based Onboarding Boosts Productivity

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Reddit Email This Tweet This If you believe the tea leaves , executives are looking to 2010 as a year for growth. Case in point: IBM Corp.

Social Learning and Exception Handling

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

The most basic point to remember is that exceptions to formal business processes require efforts to design a scalable learning architecture that supports content co-creation needed to adapt to emergent challenges and manage the flow of that adaptation through an enterprise’s ecosystem. We know that most learning in the workplace is informal.

An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks « emergent by design

John Tropea - Delicious Network

emergent by design Home who’s the architect? An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks March 16, 2010 tags: civilization , evolution , social networks , society by Venessa Miemis This weekend I experienced a snowcrash; a moment where the seemingly disparate pieces of information floating in my head came together.

Looking Back - Moving Forward

Collaborative Thinking

Social software. Social media. Social networking. social media). social responsibility ). Enterprise 2.0.

Scenarios 2011 to 2022 – Media/Military Complex: New Year Resolve

21st Century Organization

Streaming Link – in 2010, Wikileaks happens in all futures. There is no denying that we are in an interconnected, emerging global future.

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Social innovation reporting for Big/Good Society (I hope)

Social Reporter

The first was Local by Social, organised by Futuregov and IDeA , and admirably summarised here by Dave Briggs. There’s a summary here.

Collaboration Is More Important Than Ever – 3 Barriers To Adoption


Even way before the time when social software tools kicked in within the corporate world! All of them very good reads. And, maybe, we should.

8 Social Media Basics for 2010

Online Social Networking

I’ve bookmarked and skimmed a dozen or more articles that project the path of social media in 2010. Search Social Media 2010 on Google , and you’ll be able to compile your own social media 2010 reading list. Search Engine Optimization - Social media and SEO complement each other.

Teams, communities and networks in terms of communication forms


However, there is enough connectivity and opportunities to communicate that result in cross-fertilisation and emergent ideas and practices.

Blogging for knowledge workers: incubating ideas


The first article appeared in the January 2010 issue of Informatie Professional which is currently available online for free (as far as I know only till the new issue is out) – Bloggen for kenniswerkers: weblog als buitenboordbrein (pp. While my Dutch is still far from perfect I am happy with any opportunity to reach local audiences.

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The State of Community Management Report: Best Practices from Practitioners

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Community Roundtable A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners. WordPress Admin.

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Active Lurkers – The Hidden Asset in Online Communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community google yahoo bing Active lurkers – the hidden asset in online communities February 18th, 2010 francois Posted in Hyper Social Enterprise , Interesting Links , Strategy , communities , social media , social networking | 33 Comments » If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

Customer Feedback: Breaking Down the Silos in Your Organization. Part 1 of a 3-Part Series

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Are they survey-based only or are there data analytics and social web monitoring included as well? Why wait? Your job as a S.P.I.C.Y.

Where do we gather on Big Society – besides London and Twitter?

Social Reporter

In the evening I gave my out-of-town friend a run down on the BS landscape … which I am tempted to replay here, but that would be to break some (gained in London) confidences. I’m trying to be a helpful, positive, joining up sort of social reporter. In the evening RSA hosted an excellent event with NCVO on voluntary organisations in BS.

How Social and Business Networking is Evolving

Online Social Networking

Business social networking flourished in ancient times. Online Networking Emerges. Social and business networking sites are here to stay.

Evolving to Social Business (and beyond)

Online Community Strategy

Open Leadership, Social CRM, Social Business… the list goes on. social business social networking sustainability

Enterprise 2.0 – Towards Embracing a New Emerging Kind of Leadership


Is that new wave of emerging leaders really threatening already existing organisational structures? But is that threat real? Spot on!