Sat.Jan 14, 2017 - Fri.Jan 20, 2017

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London as a #networkedcity gains support at first event. Now here’s the plan

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First published on We had a terrific meeting at Newspeak House earlier this week,  which I trailed as the launch of the London Networked City exploration. In addition the future of organisations like LVSC and GVA is in doubt. Updates. Event details now here. Signup to an email discussion list. January 31 event signup. All posts

Thinking About Play, and the Practice of Attention

How to Save the World

photo by Sara Dorweiler at Unsplash, CC0 license. I   have no “intentions” or “resolutions” about what to do in the future, since I have come to appreciate that we have absolutely no free will or control over what we do. specifically wanted to know how I spent my ‘play’ time in 2016, my seventh year of retirement.