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Enabling Early Adopters to Lead Your Change Initiatives


My dear fellow  BlueIQ Ambassadors ? Are you all  still out there? Remember them? Of course, I know you do! Great! you name it. We had scaled. We

2016 21

Never Underestimate the Power of Education and Enablement


After all, everyone can tweet, blog, share a status update, or perhaps a file and what not. Building community right from day one. 30 minutes. No-one.

‘Easy and safe’ is over-rated

Viv Mcwaters

Working with groups generates lots of dynamics. want to focus on the dynamic between the facilitator and the group. There’s a long held position about facilitation that the facilitator needs to make the task easy for the group, and to create a safe space. disagree. want to be (not literally) spoon fed. If it is too easy they will disengage.

2016 38

Technology, teenagers and books

Jenny Connected

Ripley St. Thomas Academy, Lancaster. Life can certainly have meaning without books, but books cannot have meaning without life.

2016 23

The Power of Marrying Facilitation and Sector Expertise

Net-Map Toolbox

These are high level platforms, facilitating regular meetings and results oriented dialogues between public and private sectors actors. They

I am the Immigrant to my Neighborhood Crows…

Full Circle Associates

I have been intrigued by Seattle’s crows since I moved here in 1981. Don’t bother my kids, and they won’t bother yours.”

How I share online

Joitske Hulsebosch

This is my contribution to the blogcarnaval of the LOSmakers. The deadline is 15 november. There's a picture of my bike - no idea why :).

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Evolving Web

Sponsored: 64% off Code Black Drone with HD Camera. Our #1 Best-Selling Drone--Meet the Dark Night of the Sky

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Evolving Web

Sponsored: 64% off Code Black Drone with HD Camera. Our #1 Best-Selling Drone--Meet the Dark Night of the Sky

My elephant in the dark


A visit from Gabriela , bringing back memories of the golden era of blogging and triggering an exploration of optics uses in medieval paintings , also brings something else. look back at my own path and wonder how all of my experiences of work and blogging are useful now and what I’m going to do in the future with my experiences now.


How to Save the World

May I introduce Dave’s Mind (DM), left, and Dave’s Body (DB), right. They’re quite adorable, but they fight all the time. Escapism.